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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Sex-Starved Midgets on the Loose!!!

While standing in line at a gas station somewhere near Columbus, Mississippi this weekend, my eye caught the headline on an issue of "The Columbus Packet," a little 50-cent newspaper that was sitting on the counter. Mind you, this was in no way a classy paper, it deals with drug busts and car wrecks and generally everything else shady that happens in and around Columbus. The headline that caught my eye though was, "Cops Don't Buy Sex-Starved Midget Story." How many times do you see that on the front of a paper? The article was about some guy in New Orleans vandalizing flower pots or something who got caught by the cops leaving the scene. The guy apparently tried to pawn the act off on two other guys, one a black midget and the other a 6' white guy, who were screaming about wanting sex. Quite creative really. The cops, showing more intelligence than they usually do, didn't buy his story and arrested him. Nothing more than that, but it made for one helluva headline... and headlines sell papers. At least to fools like me. Anyway, it lead me to wonder whether that was one of the best/funniest headlines anyone else had ever seen. Also, has anyone come up with great story like that to get out of trouble and if so, did it work? Anyone? Anyone?

Side Note: While looking for a suitable picture to use for this post, I came across this site, which claims to be "Recognised as the largest Agency in the World forDwarves, Midgets and Little People under 5'." So if you're looking for a female midget/dwarf who can mime, swim, sing, and dance, you know where to look. There's even some acrobats!

Side Note 2: This is in no way meant to make fun of midgets, rather, it is to expose those who try to use midgets as scapegoats. As you can see from the picture of Tony Cox from Date Movie above and the website provided, midgets are productive members of society and can be very entertaining.


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