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We're a bunch of law students who all live together and want to write a blog. Well, only three of us want to write, but the others may pop in occasionally. We have no true purpose, but I bet you'll see a lot about sports, current events, and general randomness. Don't worry bar admissions people we are both of high moral character and physically fit.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Watch Out for Flying Chihuahuas

Seeing as how we are desparately in need of another blog post in order to move past that last one, I decided to scour the internet and look for something remotely funny that I could put up here. Of course, I'm too lazy right now to do anything that even remotely resembles scouring, but I found this article on that gave me quite a chuckle. Don't get me wrong, I don't generally find dead puppies amusing, but when they are used as weapons I think it's ok to laugh a little. I guess it's a good thing for the breeder that these were Chihuahua pups rather than Great Danes.

Anyway, back to proving that I can procrastinate in the summer too. The 3-4 page reflective essay for my externship should be finished in about 5-6 hours.


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