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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Way to Go Juwan

Derrick Thomas Community Award winner Juwan Simpson just got nabbed for possessing mary jane, carrying an unlicensed firearm, and receiving stolen property. Needless to say, I'm proud of him; it was about time one of our players rose up and made us look good in the Fulmer Cup standings. I for one was feeling quite embarrassed at getting outdone by the likes of Delaware and Mississippi State. Here's to hoping that John Parker Wilson can get back on track and garner us a few more Cup points.

In all seriousness though, how bad does this make us look. I mean, we gave him a community award. He's supposed to be a model player with his double major and stuff, and he's a senior leader. That's definitely the kind of example we need to be setting for the young guys Simpson. No more Jaeger Bombs at Gallette's for you.


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