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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Notes from the SEC Baseball Tourney

Helmet and I went to the second half of day 1 of the SEC Baseball Tourney to watch the Tide. We lost, but I have a few observations:

1. Alabama may have lost the baseball game to LSU, but they dominated in the jorts spotting contest. We counted something like 15-20 Alabama fans wearing full fledged jorts while we only counted 1-2 other fans wearing jorts. Of course, we have to take into account that Alabama fans outnumbered all the other fans there combined because we were in Hoover and that Florida and Mississippi State didn't make the tourney. I'm sure that if Florida was involved we would have counted somewhere around a hundred fans with gold chains, jorts, and glow sticks.

2. LSU won the shirtless fans contest by a count of 3-2. Go figure.

3. There was one walking faux paus in attendance tonight. This guy was a real life model of what not to do at a sporting event, kind of like that guy Oliver who is a real life example of what not to do in life. First off, this guy was wearing a jersey of a team not involved (the Boston Red Sox) in the sporting event. This wasn't a t-shirt or some other merchandise like the guy's favorite hat. It was a full on jersey which he was only wearing to show people that he had a jersey. If you want to dress in full Red Sox regalia, then go to Boston buddy. Second, this jersey that he was sporting had HIS name on the back. Well, I'm assuming it was his name because he had Jason Varitek's number and a random name on the back. Plus I'm pretty sure Red Sox home jerseys don't have names on the back. This is a major no, no. Do not become that tool who payed good money for a jersey only to spoil it by putting your own name on it. Third, he was wearing jorts. Enough said. And fourth, he was wearing a visor to a baseball game. Others may not have a problem w/ this, but baseball is a game of hats. Chicks playing softball wear visors. Don't be a chick. Luckily he wasn't wearing sweat bands or a cell phone clip because he might have just burst into flames right there.

4. Spencer Pennington is about as bad at playing first base as he is at playing quarterback. It seems like whenever anyone on either team messes up, Spencer is somehow involved.

5. They really need to sell beer at college sporting events. I like going to baseball games, but there's no doubt in my mind that going to the park is greatly enhanced by a flat, warm beer. Especially when Spencer Pennington is prominently involved.

6. LDD is going to love this post.


  • At 10:01 AM, Anonymous LDD said…

    Jorts = good
    Tooling on LSU and FL fans = good
    Harshing on S. Pennington = good
    Advocating beer sales = good

    Anger down, Housecat. It's all good.

  • At 8:01 AM, Blogger Lord Helmet said…

    We may need to adjust THC's medication...these constant mood swings are insufferable.


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