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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

House Cat on Politics

House Cat doesn't really know much about politics, nor does he usually care (unless you are trying to give his tax dollars to Jerry Falwell or put up the Ten Commandments on public property). He thinks that Bill Clinton seemed like a cool dude and bets that W was cool at one time too. Other than that though, he keeps his nose out of the political arena and in places where it belongs. But sometimes there is an issue that strikes close to his heart. When one of these issues arises, House Cat springs into action, gets the word out, and does all he can to keep the evil forces at bay.

I was alterted to this political crisis sometime last year, but at that time we didn't have such a notorious and powerful blog. I was reminded of it again yesterday by a classmate who finds it funny. As a Redskins fan, I find it no laughing matter and I agree completely with these folks that Heath Shuler should be kept as far away from Washington, DC as possible for his sake and everyone else in the city. As you can see by the statistics, DC is a much better city without Shuler's presence. Not only did Shuler play for Tennessee, but he also singlehandedly ruined the Redskins for a couple of seasons after he was drafted. In my (skewed) eyes he is the single biggest draft bust EVER and does not have a worthwhile bone in his body. He can only make DC and the rest of America a worse place so I plead with you to get the word out to folks in North Carolina's 11th District. Keep Shuler out of Washington, vote for his gun-toting, pot-smoking opponent, Michael Morgan.

Update: Due to my lack of political zeal I failed to notice that Shuler beat Morgan in the Democratic primary the other day. Now we should be pulling for the Republican candidate, Charles Taylor.


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