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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Stupid Consultants and Chunks of Falling Ice

To prevent this from quickly becoming an all sports blog, I feel compelled to direct our many readers to two good, quality articles -- one politics, and one totally random (but scary!).

The dominator is a Dem, no secret there. But he also hates national Dems for being total idiots. One of the main reasons the national Dems are such total spineless idiots these days has to do with the fact that they have allowed their party to be taken over by media consultants. Represented by folks like Bob Shrum and Tad Devine of Shrum, Devine, Donlilon (Mike Donilon actually pretty good), these vultures have sucked millions out of Dem campaigns and given us defeat after defeat after defeat. They like to take credit for John Corzine in New Jersey, winning the Senate and then the governor's race. Good job guys! You elected a Democrat in NEW JERSEY!! Anyway, here's a good article from Joe Klein (Time columnist who anonymously penned Primary Colors -- the novel/book on Clinton's '92 race) about how Dem consultants suck and how Republican consultants suck too, but not as much: link.

Now, in case your daily life is not scary enough, here's one about huge ice chunks falling out of the sky to add a little hysteria to your life: link.


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