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Monday, April 10, 2006

Strippers Lie??? Tigga Please!

Soooo it looks as though the skank that was busy hollering rape, using one hand to point at young affluent duke lacrosse players and signing a contingency agreement with the other may be fibbing just a little as to her version of the events. Reports indicate today that her fellow stripper skank had a different tale and that there may even be some photographic evidence coming down the pipe. (No pun intended) that she was damaged goods when she arrived at this gathering of reverends. Now these arent the kind of photos that give the wrong impression, like those that will undoubtedly blanket party girl's divorce attorney's desk one cold morning after party boy strolls in from the innisfree. Rather these are the kinds of pictures that make a young southern boy give a rebel cry of "Turn me loose!!! I did not rape that strippahhhhhhh!!!"

Now I'm sure most of you are not suprised by these revelations. After all, this skank is dancing in, what in stripper terms could only be called "rural" north carolina, and doing so in a freelance capacity at that. But for those of you who know Party Boy you know that I have an inherent belief in the truthfulness of strippers. Whose more honest than strippers??? I mean, just ask H. cat. (She damn sure tore you up, she just forgot to mention 'jason'.)

The real question is will the impending exoneration of these young pole toters from Duke stop the rampant stripper discrimination that the NCAA is currently engaged in. As the unoficial winner of the 3L superlative most likely to start an agency for women of the night I must stand up and be heard! One need only look at the earlier post involving the Colorado Golf Team to see what sort of horrible events can occur when the immoral NCAA seeks to pass judgment on something as pure as the art of exotic dancing. I sincerely hope that our cries will not be ignored.

On a totally unrelated note, I find the below blog more disturbing than JBC's love for giving my leg a two hole massage, Helmet's dimented and perverted idea of intimacy without touching, and House Cat's love for Miguel Angel Jimenez all put together. So check it out and take heed, you may not be able to look away. Click here.

And now I must bid ye adieu' for I must invent a way to nail Charlie Shrackle's ass to a liability policy before tomorrow night.


  • At 9:56 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    you should know how she signed it, for the only JOB you'll get is that of am'bullanz chaser--


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