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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Rekindling a Long Lost Romance

Anyone who knows me well knows that in college I had a GuineaWopDago roomate from New Jersey with whom I shared a love of baseball and game shows. We would sit around daily waiting for baseball to start and watching the Game Show Network 24/7. Morning classes would be scheduled around The Price is Right so that we could wake up at 11 (eastern) to Bob Barker's illustrious charm. We'd look forward to the Match Game episodes where Richard Dawson sat on the panel. We were awed at the intricacy of the Press Your Luck scandal. And of course, we debated the merits of Lingo and if Chuck Woolery could make any game show work.

Once I left college though, I fell out of touch with game shows. I no longer had that Wop to keep me focused. I got a job over the summer that didn't allow me to be at home in the mornings for The Price and the cable carrier at my mom's didn't carry GSN. Upon moving to law school I had almost totally forgotten about my passion for game shows. Occasionally I would get an IM from the Wop telling me about a Price is Right primetime spectacular, but I would shun them, no longer caring. I guess I thought I grew out of it.

But today upon turning on the TV, TiVo (in its infinite wisdom) was on GSN, reminding me what I was missing. For some reason I kept it on; I guess my subconscious was remembering the good old days. As I sat down to lunch, I saw Chuck Woolery in all his glory. He was hosting Love Connection, a show from his heyday. Sitting next to him was a pretty busted girl with 80s big, teased hair. She complained that guys only wanted tall blonds with "bodacious" boobs. She claimed that she was petite and brunette even though her hair was obviously dyed dirty blonde. There were three guys vying for her attention. One was jobless and from Boston. He took her to a bowling alley on a date in LA. That's class. I can't remember the middle guy. The last guy had a creepy ass 80s 'stache and was obviously sketchy. He had once been shot down on a public marriage proposal. If that doesn't say something about him I don't know what does. Anyway, she was working with 3 winners.

So when it came time for the audience to choose, they chose the shady 'stache guy. I guess they just couldn't resist the allure of lip hair and mustache rides. Man I love the '80s. The girl on the other hand chose the jobless schmuck from Boston. Apparently they had gotten romantic on their date. Bowling alleys must do that to 80s tramps. He was pretty pissed that Chuck and the Love Connection crew wouldn't pay for the date though. I guess you only get the free date if the girl AND the audience pick you. I kinda wonder what happened to those two. Maybe he got a job at the romantic bowling alley.

$64,000 Pyramid is starting now, too bad I have to go back to school. Man I forgot how much I love game shows. Especially ones from the 80s. Long live Chuck Woolery.


  • At 6:31 PM, Blogger Tre! said…

    If only they had a 6 degrees of seperation game show somehow intertwined with scene it. I would never leave home.

  • At 6:55 PM, Blogger T. House Cat said…

    Ah Scene It!, my nemesis when I just wanted to sleep. I think part of my dislike was that I suck at it.


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