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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Phil Slam???

Bobby Jones is the only person to ever win the Grand Slam. He accomplished the feat in 1930 by winning both the U.S. and British Amateurs and Opens. No player has ever won the modern Grand Slam, which consists of the Masters, U.S. and British Opens, and the PGA. Tiger Woods, however, did win four consecutive majors in 2002-03 but not in the same year. He called his streak the "Tiger Slam." Well kiddos, we are halfway to the "Phil Slam." With his win today, and his victory in the last major of 2005 (the PGA at Baltusrol), Phil is halfway to equaling Tiger's streak of four consecutive majors.

Here are my final thoughts on the 2006 Masters: Fred Fred Fred. You did it to me again. You had without question one of the best ball-striking rounds ever in major championship golf (hitting 16 greens and barely missing the other 2), but missed 6 putts inside of 5 feet which prevented you from becoming the oldest Masters champion ever. I, like many thousands watching today, would have given my left nut for you to win. However, your putter let you down--bringing back memories of the 1990 PGA Championship at Shoal Creek where you missed 4 consecutive short par putts on the back nine on Sunday and allowed that douche bag Wayne Grady to win and then slip into obscurity.

Nonetheless, while it is sad Fred did not win, we must recognize Phil Mickelson for winning his third major (and 3 of the last 9 played). Two years ago Phil had not won a major and there were many who doubted he would ever win one. Now, Phil is wrapping his 7 wide tuna can in his second green jacket while he bones his hot wife. The British Open is the only major which does not set up well for Phil, but from the way things are going it would not surprise me if Phil won the career grand slam and perhaps as many as 6-8 majors by the time he is done.

One last thing...I, your humble Lord Helmet, have attended every Masters which Phil has won. I was there on friday in 2004, and was there on tuesday this week (last year I did not attend the tournament proper, but was lucky enough to play The National the week before the tournament with the Dartmouth Golf Team). I am curious to see how long this streak continues...who knows.

I'm spent. Please share your impressions and memories of the 2006 Masters.


  • At 11:29 PM, Blogger the dominator said…

    Everyone focusing on Freddy's cruppy putting, but how about the fact that Tiger missed TWO 10 ft. eagle puts by a millimeter, which would have made this a very different Masters altogether.

    Shout out to Lord Helmut for helping the dominator pick the most dominating Master's tourney pool team of all time. Who was on my team? Oh, thatd be Phil, Tiger, Freddy and Jose Maria. Scoops!


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