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We're a bunch of law students who all live together and want to write a blog. Well, only three of us want to write, but the others may pop in occasionally. We have no true purpose, but I bet you'll see a lot about sports, current events, and general randomness. Don't worry bar admissions people we are both of high moral character and physically fit.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

PB's Ramblings

The Wednesday morning rants of an old man

First, did I miss something or has it become customary for people to explain the origin of their nicknames? I think this is particularly troubling when it seems as though this is a self given name. I find this act of chicanery to be deplorable and should warrant expulsion or at least a short suspension for "the dominator". At the least he should be given a new name. Suggestions?

Second, Helmets literary musings about Augusta have signified the official start of spring in the south. Is their anything better than the Masters? I find this to be especially true when party girl is going to Atlanta for the weekend and I get CBS in hi def. I only ask that no one burn my house down.

Third, I've decided there are at least 5 chicks on the golf channel that I want mouth hugs from. Is that wrong?

Fourth, a little belated but, allow me to explain the story of how Helmet and I arrived home Thursday night. See Helmet's previous post of "Head...Hurts" below. We leave the free as the lights are flickered only to find that we've been abandoned by our loyal friend that shall remain nameless. We then, obviously using our drunken charm that we're famous for, schemed a ride with a girl who called herself, "a cool second year." After a random conversation between the helmeted warrior and this good samaritan we arrive at the ranch. At this point, Helmet sees fit to lean over and plant one on this poor chick mid sentence. Then silently and quickly after his assault, gets out of the vehicle and went to what we can only assume was a interesting slumber. I tell this story so that maybe I can just refer the grand jury to the blog rather than having to go to the courthouse.

So here's to the classiest weekend of the year and to all of us waking up in random places at least 4 times.


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