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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Okay, Ahmadinejad, I have about enough of your crazy antics

Okay, anybody else notice that this guy is INSANE? His latest: today he claims that while oil reaches a record high of SEVENTY-FOUR dollars a barrel, it is actually still UNDERvalued. Well, it is now that you said that, asswipe. Thanks a lot.

Oil is going to shoot up tomorrow. Hopefully, however, traders will not overreact too much, potentially swayed by expert opinions that Ahmadinejad is just using his oil rantings as a sort of commodity-hostage to gain leverage for his nuclear program.

In case you don’t follow international crises, this is the guy who was elected president of Iran and has since gone (or been revealed as) totally insane. He is a Holocaust denier who says that Israel should be “wiped off the map.” Whoa there tiger. How does he plan to do that? Well, nukes of course. His main policy initiative as president has been to try and develop nukes for Iran. Yippee! Well, in the spirit of full disclosure, he says he just wants nuclear energy for his people. Funny, they control the world’s oil supply, but they need nuclear energy. They want to wipe Israel off the map, but these are peaceful nukes. Riiigght.

Just last week he made this huge deal out of finally enriching uranium. This is a key step toward building nuclear weapons (but also toward nuclear energy). This all, of course, in violation of international law. Analysts say they are still years away from actually having the capability to build a bomb (they only have 3,000 centrifuges, apparently they need like 50,000) but it’s still pretty damn scary to me. The International Atomic Energy Agency is trying to reign him in a bit, but I don’t see them making much progress. The good news is that being president of Iran isn’t too much like being the president of the United States. It’s more like being president of a corporation where you still have to answer to the board of directors. Some creepy religious leaders actually run the country. Some analysts say some of these guys are uncomfortable with some of the stuff Ahmadinejad is doing, but I still don’t see any progress being made.

So, what I haven’t understood for a while is why haven’t we (the U.S.), or failing that Israel, done anything about this. I mean, does anyone else have the feeling that if Reagan or Bush I or Clinton were in there, they would have bombed these nuke sites like two months ago before any of this got to this level. W. just lets it escalate and escalate until the only option is total, all-out war. Now, we’re faced with a real threat and we have absolutely no international support because Bush already pissed off the entire world on Iraq. Even good ol’ Tony Blair has already said he can’t back military action. China and Russia are publicly opposed to our position. Awesome.

So why haven’t we just done something on our own? Well, apparently Iran can control the entire world’s oil’s supply by blocking off the Strait of Hormuz. I don't even know what that is.


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