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Sunday, April 16, 2006

An Ode to Jeffery Maier

I hate you. I hate you. I hate you.

In he doesn't haunt your dreams like he does mine, Jeffery Maier is that little 12-year-old kid that reached over the wall in Yankee stadium during the Game 1 of the 1996 ALCS and stole a ball from Tony Tarasco. That ball, which was OBVIOUSLY fan interference and should have been an out, was ruled a homer by the incredibly incompetent umpire Richie Garcia, who was signing autographs for Yankees fans the next day (real impartial buddy). It tied up the game and the Yanks won it in extras. It took the wind out of the O's sails and even though they won the next game, they never really stood a chance after that. Instead of going back to Baltimore up 2-0, they went back 1-1, huge difference.

Because they were in New York, Jeffery Maier wasn't Bartmaned, he was celebrated. Where his behavior should have been frowned upon, they cheered it. Jim Bleeping Nantz interviewed him on TV. He wasn't kicked out of the stadium like he should have been for fan interference; instead, he gave out autographs. Leave it to Yankees fans to revel in an ill-gotten victory. Bunch of cheaters.

Baltimore had one more good year in 1997 where they won the AL East. Since then they haven't had a winning season and most people couldn't name any of their players besides Javy Lopez and Miguel Tejada. The Yankees, on the other hand, went on to win their first World Series in 1996 against the Braves (see you guys should be mad too) and start their now bloated and aged dynasty.

The reason I bring this up is that ESPN did a piece on Jeffery Maier this morning. Just a happy little Easter "screw you" to all O's fans. Maier is now a senior captain on the Weslyan baseball team and he broke the school record for hits (congrats, you go to Weslyan). He has a terrible goatee and tries to act like what he did wasn't a big deal. Says he tried to avoid the publicity when you could see on his smug little 12 year-old-face that he was utterly pleased with himself. Further, he didn't apologize for what he did. Maybe as a 12-year-old he thought what he did was cool. Nope, it wasn't you stupid punk. It was wrong. As bad as using steroids or a corked bat in my opinion. It was flat out terrible and you should grovel at the feet of O's fans for the rest of your life. I don't care if you're grown up now, you're still a piece of crap to me.

I hope the O's draft him on June 6, stick him in Ottawa and never let him out. That would make quite the statement... Don't mess with the Orioles.


  • At 11:01 AM, Blogger the dominator said…

    Housecat, although that last idea is pretty funny and smart, you are running the riks of making this an all-Oriole's blog. Boo!

  • At 8:53 PM, Blogger Ephraim said…

    and, there is waaaaay too much baseball on this bitch. i promise to write something soon.

  • At 10:38 AM, Anonymous LDD said…

    Dude - I said this like 2 weeks ago. Housecat needs a content editor.

  • At 1:05 PM, Blogger T. House Cat said…

    Here's an idea. If you want edited content don't read my posts. That would save us all the time it takes to read your bitching.

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