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Monday, April 03, 2006

Good God Almighty Show Us That Awesome Dunk

Okay, anyone notice while watching the national championship game tonight that EVERY single dunk made was replayed 3 times in a row from 3 diff. camera angles (same as in the earlier final four games) EVERY dunk, that is, EXCEPT the best damn dunk of the whole tournament, maybe the best dunk of the season, maybe the best dunk ever in a college basketball game. (In case you were in a cave -- or playing softball during the game -- I'm talking about the UCLA in-bounds play where that dude jumped over Noah's head.) But I'm never going to know how good of a dunk it was b/c the idiot producers at CBS won't replay that. Replay every dunk 3 times, but not the best one of the night. Idiots.


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