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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Delay Out: For Money? For Freedom? For the GOP?

Helmut has asked that I, the dominator, comment periodically on political goings-on. Since, there is a big story out there right now, here goes…

Tom Delay is out. As a Dem, that makes me REALLY REALLY happy. I hate that man. He’s bad (in the old-fashioned bad way).

But I will say this. As an Alabama Dem, I also hate prosecution for political reasons. We have a long history in Alabama. The Dems did it to Guy Hunt, then the Repubs turned around and went after Folsom and now Siegelman. It’s never good. And I don’t think it’s good in the case of this Texas DA going after Delay, either. That’s all a bunch of bunk, if you ask me. Those charges should be dropped. Politicians need to be able to do their job – which involves politics, like it or not – without fear that some up and coming prosecutor is going to try and make his OWN political career by taking down a giant.

But the investigation out of the very REPUBLICAN Justice Dept. is a little different. If they go after Delay, I guess that seems more legitimate. Still, it’s a little suspect to me because I don’t think it’s fair to use criminal RICO statutes designed to bring down mobsters to randomly prosecute different politicians for doing things that help their campaign contributors. If we want that to be illegal, then we should pass a law against it and put every politician in the country in jail. If it’s not illegal, then we should stop prosecuting random people and saying it is. But I digress.

The big question: Why is Delay getting out?

He says it has nothing to do with the investigation, and his supporters claim he’s doing it for the good of the party. He’s in a 3-way race and the Cook reports lists his district as one of only 12 in the country that is a “toss-up.” So maybe the “Hammer” really is just a faithful GOPer.

I don’t think so, however.

What about b/c he’s afraid the investigation is going to get him? I don’t think that’s it either. Although they have indicted two former aides (one a chief of staff) in a typical up the food chain prosecutorial style, I do not think in a million years that the Bush Justice Department would EVER actually INDICT Tom Delay. Just not gonna happen.

The real story:

The guy is in a shit storm and finally realizing how much it sucks to be a Congressman, especially a recently non powerful Congressman. You look at all your former aids making $5 million/year as lobbyists and you are sitting there in some crap-ass office pulling down like $150 with federal prosecutors up your ass with a 10-foot pole. You used to be the second or third most powerful man in Washington and now you’re basically a whipping boy for Democrats and the liberal media. What would you do? I’d jump ship in a heartbeat. Watch for Delay to show up really quickly at a high profile Republican lobbying firm and for Justice to issue a formal “Delay is not a target” letter. Remember how good he was as Majority Leader, can you IMAGINE how much money that man can make as a lobbyist (assuming the Elephants keep control of Congress).

So, that’s the first political blog…


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