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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

What is wrong with the world???

OK...So as a ranch elder I feel compelled to rant this morning about where the world is headed. As I was sitting at the train crossing this morning enjoying my normal breakfast of
quaaludes and Crowne Royal I found myself staring at the passing train. Murals celebrating such poignant urban moments as the Crips conquering the corner of 6th and Peachtree in Atlanta were memorialized on the side of the passing cars. Finally as the train passed I noticed something I found very troubling....NO CABOOSE. What the fuck happened to trains having a caboose??? This sent me down the troubling road of what you people are doing to my world. First, you took the caboose away. This loss of a basic piece of American nostalgia might not trouble you, but I believe it shakes the very foundation of America. I mean, look at the world. Superman couldn't walk then died. Superman's wife got the cancer and croaked. I guess kryptonite doesn't work for chemo. Kirby Pucket died and people treat him like he was a saint. As an impressionable young party boy, who had hardly partied at all at that point, I grew to hate kirby pucket with the fire of a thousand suns after the 91 world series. Let me illustrate a moral absolute...Mark Lemke - Good; Kirby Pucket - Bad.

I don't have any clue what this rant is about other than to say everyone should try to be more like Mark Lemke and less like Kirby Pucket and the Caboose should come back (bright red with that cool little deck on the back). Anyway, Hobbs just said, "he didn't hit it and quit it, he hit it and stayed" in Family law so I guess I'll pay more attention.


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