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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

WBC: Canucks v. Yanks

Right now I'm sitting here watching the US play Canada in the World Baseball Classic. The US is, of course, a heavy favorite over our docile neighbor as we should be. Baseball is our sport; hockey is theirs. And their national sport is lacrosse or something. Losers.

But that's not the way it's playing out. Through 4.5 innings they are KICKING OUR ASSES. 8-0. And they just hit an inside the park home run. What the hell? What team of "All-Stars" lets that happen? We're also in danger of getting mercy ruled. That only happens to the marching band's intramural softball team (and China). What the hell is going on? This is a fucking abomination. Nothing, and I mean nothing, is worse than losing to a bunch of smarmy Canucks.

It's not just that we're playing like a bunch of challenged 12 year olds that is making me angry. It's that I also have to root for Jeter and Arod. If I have to root for those two, the team better play well. Otherwise I'm supporting a couple of piece of shit Yankees for no good reason. And that would be terrible.

On the bright side, Canada's starter and Orioles top prospect Adam Loewen looked quite good today. Although he threw about as many balls as he did strikes, he kept the USA from scoring which is pretty damn good for a double A pitcher. That makes 4 O's starters who have had good starts in the WBC (the others were Rodrigo Lopez for Mexico, Erik Bedard for Canada, and Bruce Chen for Panama).

Update: We seem to be rallying at the moment. We've pushed two across and have two on with one out and Mark Texeira up. Let's get something done and show those Canucks that they're still our bitches. Or, lets at least avoid getting mercy ruled.


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