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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Vote for Me and I'll Give You a Lap Dance

I just received this in my law school email inbox as did all the other guys because it was sent out as a mass email to the whole law school:

Hey Y'all--I'm your fellow classmate (1L) and I need your helpOnce again, I
am in the Maxim Hometown Hotties Contest and I am online this week
(3/27-4/2). Please visit the link below and vote for me... Jen
from Tuscaloosa...CA?! I think Bear Bryant just rolled over in his

(I'm in the third row from the bottom, third from the left.)

I made it to the top 100 finalists a few years ago and got to be in Maxim
magazine. I appreciate your help and hope you can take a minute to vote
again this year. Pass this along to friends--if they're anything like me,
a little diversion via e-mail is nice on a long day at work. And if
you're really bored, I think you can vote multiple times! Thanks

Stupid 1L

Wow. We all knew you were in Maxim, but to send out an email soliciting votes to the whole law school is somewhere between shameless and slutty. Or both (not that there's anything wrong w/ that). Obviously you care about your career in law. But I see that you have a full length film coming out this summer. At least one of your careers is about to take off.

And please don't bring Bear Bryant into this as he will rise from the grave, eat your head, and have sex with half of the girls on that page.


  • At 1:41 PM, Blogger Lord Helmet said…

    Bear Bryant, much like Chuck Norris, would have sex with ALL of those girls...and their mothers.


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