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Friday, March 24, 2006

Plagiarism at its best

Recently, ESPN radio host Colin Cowherd completely ripped off a bit created by the M Zone, a Michigan sports blog. The bit was a fake Wonderlic Test that the M Zone created and Cowherd read on his show without giving them credit. Rather than rectifying the situation when it was brought to his attention, Cowherd acted like a dick and called the M Zone a bunch of whiners in a poorly written email. The M Zone wasn't in it for the money, all they wanted was a little credit for their original thought. Rather, Cowherd is getting paid for ripping off bloggers. Seems a little unethical, eh? Just another instance of ESPN turning itself into a huge conglomerate and treating the little guy like shit.

Please help to rectify this situation and possibly get Cowherd balls deep in trouble by emailing the ESPN Ombudsman.

Edit: It has been brought to my attention that it may not be plagiarism b/c Cowherd didn't claim it as his own. Good point. But I feel that his actions in not giving credit when he was informed and basically acting like it was his on the air imply that it was his.

Edit #2: Cowherd stating that he found a copy of the Wonderlic on the Internet was the setup for the joke, not a disclaimer that it wasn't his. Therefore, it was plagiarism b/c he passed the whole joke off as his own.


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