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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

The NFL Collective Bargaining Disagreement and How it Affects Me

I am a Redskins fan. I am not a Yankees fan.

Reports indicate that there are teams that would benefit from the lack of a salary cap and therefore oppose it. The most obvious of these teams is the Washington Redskins and their freespending owner Danny Snyder. At first the thought of no salary cap was tempting. The 'Skins, the NFL's richest and most profitable team, could spend freely, gather up players and become a somewhat dominant force once again (this is of course, provided they use good judgment). I would love nothing more than to have a perennially dominant Redskins team, especially since my sports team repetoire has gotten increasingly mediocre over the last 10 years. But then it dawned on me that if the salary cap is gone, the Redskins will become the Yankees of the NFL. And there is nothing that I loathe more than the Yankees.

Of course, if the Redskins become the Yankees, I won't stop cheering from them and I will probably relish all of their victories, but I will ultimately become what I hate. And in order to avoid becoming a hypocrite I will have to stop trashing the Yanks for their free spending ways. That's not something that I relish giving up.


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