Premature Adjudication

We're a bunch of law students who all live together and want to write a blog. Well, only three of us want to write, but the others may pop in occasionally. We have no true purpose, but I bet you'll see a lot about sports, current events, and general randomness. Don't worry bar admissions people we are both of high moral character and physically fit.

Friday, March 31, 2006


My head hurts...someone please go get me some advil...NOW!

Also, if you drove me home last night please stand and be recognized. I know I didn't walk and I definitely didn't drive so...?

In other news, 2 Rancherians were nearly arrested by several of Tuscaloosa's finest last night. Apparently they smarted off (shocking) to the cops and were then "placed" against trees...nevertheless, the donut-laden fuzz was no match for their cat-like reflexes...well played gentlemen, carry on!


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