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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Georgia...On My Mind

The Masters is NEXT WEEK!!! This annual celebration, broadcast to over seventy countries worldwide and revered by fratdogs and yuppies alike, takes place at The Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, Georgia, and is--without question--the most exciting week in golf. Period. Dot-Com. End of Story.

The Masters is a special point of pride for southerners. This event marks the "beginning" of the golf season for most of the country. While our less fortunate counterparts in the midwest and the east coast (See, e.g., Where the Turbos and Guidos Live) are still up to their pee-holes in snow and mud, we southern gentlemen don sunglasses while our lady friends model sundresses, and we all bask in balmly 70 degree temperatures and reminisce about simpler times. In essence, the Masters is an opportunity for us to show off why the South is such a great place to live.

Considering that the history of this great game in the United States began in the major cities on the east coast (namely Boston, New York, and Philadelphia) and Chicago in the midwest, it is certainly a point of interest (and would no doubt make a great book) that the most important tournament IN THE WORLD was conceived, planned, built, and executed by the renowned southerner and consummate gentleman Bobby Jones, who grew up in Atlanta, GA, and received post-graduate degrees in law, engineering, and literature, and is the only person to ever win the Grand Slam.

So sit back, relax, enjoy 56 minutes of coverage every hour, and remember why you are so lucky to live down here...and if you don't, that sucks for you.


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