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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Favorite Music Video

This is a kinda gay post, but I randomly started thinking about what my favorite music video of all time is. I came up with two quick ones off the top of my head. Since I didn't have to think too hard to remember them, I figure they're at least in my top 5. Here they are:

"Days Go By" by Dirty Vegas. Dude just breakdances the whole time. That's it. There's some sort of story, but whatever. I wish I could break it down like that. Someone get me a piece of cardboard and a boom box.

"Weapon of Choice" by Fatboy Slim. Another dancing one. This time it's Christopher Walken dancing around a hotel lobby. I think I like it because I never expected Walken to be able to dance like that. Apparently he's classically trained from what I hear. Who knew?

Comments? What are everyone elses' favorites?


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