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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

All Sec NCAA Championship???

This was supposed to be a down year for SEC basketball. However, the best all-around conference in this fair country landed 5 teams in the Big Dance--all of whom advanced to the round of 32--and two of whom made it to the Sweet 16 and eventually all the way to the Final 4. The Big East, Big 10, and the vaunted ACC, failed to send even one team (among their combined 30+) to Indianapolis while exactly 1/6 or 16.67% of the SEC will play in the Final 4. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it, Jay Bilas (hey dick, when will you admit that the only reason you said Michigan should be in field of 64 was because you are bff with Michigan's head coach?)

Does this mean anything? Or am I just extremely articulate and remarkably persuasive with the way in which I use numbers?

Well, I am...but it also means that there is a tremendous amount of parity in college hoops. Though many pundits (or "taint-lickers" as they are commonly known) like Skip Bayless or Doug Gottlieb will claim that it is a result of superstars like Lebron James and Tracy McGrady going straight to the Association and those like Carmelo Anthony only staying for one year, I disagree. Instead of arguing that the parity is a result of a thinning out of the talent at the top, I approach the problem from the converse angle. I argue that the parity is a result of an increase in the talent at the bottom. For example, the Missouri Valley Conference, whose success in placing 2 teams in the Sweet 16 has thoroughly discredited Billy Packer (though I suspect alcohol plays a large part in Packer's daily and blatant incompetence) (and who only pops a chub for teams in the quote-unquote power conferences), will hereafter be considered a legit hoops conference...not to mention George Mason going to the Final 4 out of the CAA.

My point is this: these teams will previously were considered "cinderellas" are no flukes no more...and this is because these teams have uber-talented kids and coaches who believe they can compete with the overhyped assclowns who populate perenial "powerhouses" like UConn and Duke. It is only a matter of time before a 16 seed is a meaningless moniker and a 1 seed is a likely first round knock-out.


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