Premature Adjudication

We're a bunch of law students who all live together and want to write a blog. Well, only three of us want to write, but the others may pop in occasionally. We have no true purpose, but I bet you'll see a lot about sports, current events, and general randomness. Don't worry bar admissions people we are both of high moral character and physically fit.

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Denny Crane is a Badass

The man banged a cocktail waitress at his own wedding reception.

He IS the big island.

GOOD God...

Denny Crane

As I Sit Here...

... writing this utterly terrible paper on proxy solicitation, I can't help wondering:

1) What is the lowest quality that this can be while still getting me my seminar credit from Law Review?

2) Am I going to make the word count minimum? Am I going to go way over? Am I doing more work than I need to be doing? (Damnit.)

3) Why the hell do I even care?

4) What was I thinking when I ate 6 Krystal's last night? (Oh yeah, I know what I was thinking.)

5) Could I hire an Asian kid or maybe Vince Young to write this for me?

6) Who the hell named this kid?

Monday, February 27, 2006

First Post

Hopefully this will be the first of many posts by the members of our "elite" community.

Either way, here's a funny chicken dance video.